Our Company

The company CLIMATHERM Ltd was founded in 1998 and is active in the field of Supply, Design, Supervision and Installation, of all electromechanical – energy projects, of every modern building construction.

CLIMATHERM’s well-trained scientific staff takes care of the study and design of the facilities, taking into account the modern standards and the strictest specifications. The implementation of the projects is carried out by experienced technical staff, under the constant supervision of specialized engineers, satisfying the special requirements of the customers.

With specialization in the field of energy applications, CLIMATHERM is an ever-growing force in the field of building installations.

So get to know CLIMATHERM and enjoy the safety, functionality and safety of its facilities.


CLIMATHERM Ltd. (CLIMATHERM Commercial and Technical of Electromechanical Installations Ltd.) is active in the field of Supply, Design, Supervision and Installation, of all mechanical – energy projects, of every modern building construction.

The company was founded in 1998, by young people, with great and specialized experience in the field of its activities, but above all with goals and vision.

In particular the areas of activity are:

  • Water supply, sewerage, drainage & rainwater management facilities, with strict adherence to the reliability and specifications of the materials and the technical instructions-installation regulations.
  • Central heating systems (Single-pipe, two-pipe, boiler rooms, burners, radiators, fan coils, underfloor heating, heat pumps, solar thermal systems, etc.)
  • Solar systems – domestic hot water production (solar panels, dual and triple energy boilers, etc.)
  • Gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) systems (burners, boilers, gas fuel units, gas lines, gas detection, household appliances, industrial facilities, etc.)
  • Automation – energy saving (autonomy systems, calorimetry, compensations, programmable thermostatic centers, BUS systems, PLC, renewable energy management, etc.)
  • Drainage facilities, flood protection works. (Channels, grate, networks, drainage membranes, geotextiles, reservoir, rainwater management and exploitation).
  • Fire safety installations and general pumping applications (sewage and sewage pumps, submersible pumps, rain pumps, pressure units, etc.)
  • Special applications of alternative energy systems and Renewable Energy Sources (Underfloor heating – cooling, air conditioning with natural gas, cogeneration, solar energy exploitation, geothermal and aerothermal systems, etc.)
  • Air conditioning systems (Split Units, semi-central / central air conditioning units, Fan Coil Units, Close Control A / C units, VRV, Multi systems, etc.)
  • Exhaust systems – air supply, air quality, air duct networks, flues, chimneys.
  • Intrustial facilities
  • Mechanical studies, plant autopsies, engineering expertise.

Materials – Products

The selection of suitable materials for the above applications is based on specifications, reliability, timeless presence of the product in the market and excellent value for money.

This is strengthened by the long-term cooperation of the company CLIMATHERM, with leading companies-suppliers, of our professional space.

Our Office

Our company is housed in its new privately owned facilities, with a total area of 500m2, at Epirou 46 Street in Piraeus, which is divided into 200m2 showroom and offices and 300 m2 warehouses.

It is a modern, bioclimatic building with low energy consumption, in which ecological materials have been applied, contributing as much as possible to the protection of the environment and energy savings.

Human resources

Our company employs four mechanical engineers, one head of accounting, secretarial and administrative support, two technical foremen (thermohydraulic and refrigeration) and specialized graduate technicians, of various specialties such as refrigeration, thermohydraulics, electricians, technicians, etc.

The management and administration of the company is exercised by Mr. Thanos Dougekos (B.Sc. Engineer), Mr. Periklis Georganas (Technical Engineer) and Mr. Alexis Dougekos (B.Sc. Engineer)


The technical – construction activity of the company moves in the fourfold “Greek legislation, technical instructions of internal installations, specifications and certifications of materials, safety during and after installation” and is fully supported by the necessary implementation studies, integrated project supervision and management and the final delivery in operation, so that our customers are free from waste of time and unnecessary expenses, actually receiving the project “turnkey”.

As we believe that the relationship with our customer does not stop with the delivery of the project, we attach great importance to the After Sale Service and our presence close to the customer, for issues of information, issues of damage and maintenance of facilities.

Our goal is to ensure the requirements and wishes of our customers, in the most economical, safe, reliable and excellent in aesthetic and functional result. This is facilitated, among other things, by the clear relationship and definition of responsibilities with other workshops on the project and the open communication with the project owner and the supervising engineer.

To ensure the end user of our facilities, the company CLIMATHERM provides, in addition to the guarantees of the construction companies, complete support and a guarantee of good operation, for one year from the construction of the facility.

The above is confirmed by more than 3,000 satisfied customers.

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