The project concerns the installation of a closed vertical geothermal system, shallow geothermal for the Heating / Air Conditioning of the EAK building (Laboratory and Radiation) of the NCSR / DIMOKRITOS. The installation aims at the great energy savings and consequently at the energy upgrade of the specific building.

Based on a study, 40 vertical holes were drilled for the installation of closed circuit geo-exchangers. The geo-exchangers are made of HD-PE-100 (Third generation polyethylene) with simple “U” dimension DN32x3 SDR 11, PN 16 atm, of the company “INTERPLAST S.A.”.

The 40 vertical holes were divided into 3 groups: Group A (13 holes), Group B (14 holes), Group C (13 holes). The installation depth is determined at 85 m, while the lengths of the geo-exchangers are 100 m each.

The drillings were achieved using a hydraulic drilling rig with air hammer and foam material.

Then the geo-exchangers were penetrated in the respective wells, after they were filled and all the necessary tests and pressure controls were performed.

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